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Privacy Policy

We at take data privacy very seriously. So seriously in fact that we have decided not to store any data at all.

Please don't try to give us any of your data. We just want you to click through, shop and raise money for charity.

  • giveaholic does not require you to log in - that's right no password
  • we do not require your email address
  • giveaholic does not have a database
  • we do not even use cookies or sessions
  • giveaholic literally has no idea who you are
  • we don't know what you bought last time
  • we don't know what you clicked on before
  • giveaholic won't geolocate you - we don't care where you are, although we hope you are safe and sound

giveaholic does not capture any data about you or any purchases that you make. giveaholic is registered with various affiliate marketing providers (AMPs) who track the sales made via links on this website. The only information passed to the AMPs is an id which identifies giveaholic as the source of the sale. This enables AMPs to ensure that the commission earned is passed back to giveaholic so we can donate it to charity.

giveaholic will not sell your data to anyone because we don't have any data to sell. We won't send you any emails because we don't have your email address. Occasional updates are available via facebook™ if you want to look at that.

The comments section is hosted by Discus™. We do not store the comments on our database (we don't have one). giveaholic will review comments before they are published to ensure they are clean and constructive. Also we will make sure that there is no data in your comment. We don't want your data.

giveaholic is a non-profit division of Red House Solutions Ltd